MoFlo Astrios EQ Sample Data


IntelliSort II Beadless Drop Delay

Minimize your risk of sample contamination and maintain integrity of sorted samples with uninterrupted aseptic sorting.

  • No fluorescent beads or microscope required
  • Camera images and proprietary algorithms allow you to determine optimal drop delay without using fluorescent particles in the sample line
  • Maintain sterile samples during drop-delay recalculation with uninterrupted sterility
  • Maintain drop-delay functionality with 50µm and 150µm nozzle tips
  • Automatic QC parameters
  • Sheath and sample pressure
  • Average event rate
  • Start and end times
  • Nozzle size
  • Differential between measured parameters and pass/fail thresholds
  • QC data exclusion
  • Laser-delay parameters
  • Date of last laser delay calculation
  • Trigger channel
  • Sheath pressure and nozzle size
  • Powered laser wavelengths
  • Calculated laser delays automatically displayed


You determine your application parameters not your instrument

Work with the greatest possible range of biological and non-biological particles knowing you can fine-tune your MoFlo Astrios EQ to suit your specific application. Adjust pressures to accommodate a wide range of cell types. Improve cell vitality without compromising sort speed and keep your cells alive and running with temperature and agitation options. 
Run a wide range of single-cell applications, including:

  • Circulating tumor cells (CTCs)
  • Drug discovery applications
  • Rare event analysis
  • Stem cells
  • Neuronal cells
  • Fluorescent protein reporter selection
  • Ecological and physiological microbes (yeasts and bacteria)



Faster setup and advanced functionality with Summit Software

Summit v6.2 Software

  • Support for multiple forward scatter parameters in Summit and FCS file format
  • Two additional PMT channels for forward scatter collection
  • Improved usable dynamic range with PMT voltage of 100 volts
  • Enhanced functionality and support for user-defined filters and fluorochromes
  • Automated quality control functionality