ClearLLab 10 color Compensation Kit

ClearLLab Compensation Accessory Kit

  • Establish compensation values for ClearLLab LS Assay
  • Efficient monthly compensation setup
  • Flexible use of whole blood or CYTO-COMP Cells for compensation setup
  • Unitized test format using Beckman Coulter’s proprietary dry reagent technology
  • CE-IVD marked


Tailored Compensation for ClearLLab LS

Developed as an accessory for the ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen Reagent PN B74073.

Optimized Workflows

Enhances assay performance and reduces compensation workload from daily to monthly setup.

All-Inclusive Solution

Ensures assay standardization by providing a comprehensive setup that includes sample preparation, reagent, hardware, and analysis methods.

Seamless Software Integration

ClearLLab LS application along with pre-determined specific target values for Flow-Set Pro are provided for setting compensation using auto-setup scheduler on the Navios Flow Cytometer platform.

Technical Documents