Final Product Quality Testing

QC for injectables/parenterals is critical because when performing final quality testing for injectable drugs, it’s easy to contaminate samples and produce costly errors in Pass/Fail calculations

SOP parameters can be pre-programed into the instrument and automated for testing to demonstrate compliance to USP<787>, USP<788>, etc. Liquid particle counters, such as the HIAC 9703+ instrument, help minimize false-positive fails.

Products for Final Product Quality Testing

HIAC liquid particle counter 9703 Plus

HIAC 9703+

Use the HIAC 9703+ for automating SOPs to demonstrate compliance to USP <787> and USP <788>

Multisizer 4e coulter counter for particle characterization

Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter

Use the Multisizer 4e for Coulter-based counting and sizing of particles independently of their interaction with light

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