release note

Kaluza C Analysis Software Version 1.1.1

New Features
  1. Recognition of the @AUTOFL20 autofluorescence keyword.
  1. Datasets cannot be deleted from QC reports.
  2.  Plot header information can be removed in the QC Activity module.
  3. .CSV files exported from QC Activity include Upper and Lower Limits.
  4. Reminder message appears when trying to open a second QC Report file.
  5. Optimized time display when showing a user defined event number or percentage of the total acquisition.
Bug Fixes
  1. LIS keyword update issue fixed.
  2. Installation of a Microsoft .NET Framework Windows updates released between May 2018 and July 2018 causes Kaluza C Software to crash with a “Error 99999” when the radial menu is accessed by right clicking an object within the software.
  3. When data is dragged into new protocol in QC Activity, data is now automatically processed.