BioLector XT Microbioreactor

The high-throughput microbioreactor enables real-time evaluation of biomass, fluorescence, pH, dissolved oxygen in the liquid phase (DO), and other key cultivation parameters for aerobes and anaerobes.

Building on trusted BioLector Pro technology, the BioLector XT microbioreactor is based on a standard ANSI/SLAS (SBS) microtiter plate (MTP) format, and operates with online, pre-calibrated optical sensors. Disposable 48 well MTPs enable online measurement of cultivation parameters, while patented microfluidic technology supports simultaneous pH control and feeding. The optional microfluidic module eliminates manual liquid handling—no tubing or pipetting required, as everything is part of the gamma-radiated ready-to-use plate.

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Features of the BioLector XT

Innovative New Gassing Head

  • Enables fed-batch experiments under anaerobic conditions
  • Gassing with O2 within a range of 1% - 100% and with CO2 within 1% - 12 %
  • Reduces gas consumption to a few mL/minute
  • Optional humidification of gases reduces evaporation

Optional Microfluidic Module

  • Unleashes full potential of the BioLector XT
  • Complements online monitoring function with well-specific pH regulation/feeding
  • Enables use of 2 reservoir wells per 4 cultivation wells
  • Microvalves allot liquids at nanoliter-scale

“Plug-and-play” Plate Design

  • Real-time kinetics out of 48/32 parallel cultivations
  • Customizable feeding strategies (batch, fed-batch, bolus, continuous)*
  • Control of pH on-the-plate with pre-calibrated optical sensors*
  • Small working volume (800 – 2400 μL)
*Functionality requires optional microfluidic module

Intelligent BioLection Software

  • Intuitive user interface supports multi-user environments
  • Free programming of all control parameters
  • Open system enables live data downloads
  • Fast processor ensures rapid download of experiment data

BioLector XT Specifications

Volume 800 - 2400 µL
Temperature 10 – 50 °C (minimum temperature 8 °C below ambient temperature)
pH Range pH 4 – 7.5 (depending on plate)
DO Range 0 – 100% oxygen saturation (100% corresponding to the DO level reached while gassing with 100% O2 without O2 consumption)
Scattered Light Measurement Resolution > 50 NTU, at densities higher than 500 NTU: 10 % of measured value.
Wavelengths 365 nm–800 nm
Width 797 mm(31.4 in)
Height 522 mm(20.6 in)
Depth 520 mm(20.5 in)
Weight 61 kg(134.5 lb)


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