Flow Cytometry Reagents

Explore our broad range of high-quality conjugated antibodies and assays for Clinical Diagnostic, Clinical Research and Research applications. Our portfolio of Flow Cytometry reagents, entirely manufactured under good manufacturing practices (GMP), covers major application areas including hemato-oncology, HIV analysis, immune monitoring, cell cycle and stem cells studies.






Custom Panel Design & Cocktail Services customization with a

  • Spectrum of multi-color options for you to choose from supported by our panel design experts.
  • Single- or multicolor-antibody conjugates.
  • Room temperature stable dry reagents.



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Contract Manufacturing Services , if your laboratory needs bulk orders of tests

  • Commercially available, but formulated, optimized and validated by you, based on your requirements.
  • Manufactured using GMP in ISO 9001-compliant facilities.
  • Available in liquid or room temperature-stable dry formats.

Popular Brands

Krome Orange

Exclusive organic fluor, Krome Orange™ dye, maximizes the potential of your violet laser. Krome Orange dye has been optimized for superior optical performance including high signal to noise ratios and minimal intra-laser compensation requirements.

  • Narrow, well separated emission profiles
  • Excited by violet laser; optimally detected using a 550/40 filter
  • Virtually no excitation detected using a 488 nm laser


ClearLLab™ delivers fast and accurate qualitative identification of various hematolymphoid cell populations by immunophenotyping on the FC500 flow cytometer. The reliability of a standardized kit and protocols, the premixed combinations offer a LEAN-focus.

  • Reduce manual error and validation time
  • Accelerate sample preparation time
  • Streamline lab inventory management


DuraClone™ Dry Reagents come in a form that ensures stability for long periods of time without the need for refrigerated shipping or storage. DuraClone enables you to simplify and expedite sample preparation and handling while delivering the same performance as liquid reagents.

  • simplify your workflow
  • minimize your hands-on time
  • ready-to-use, affordable, and accurate


AQUIOS™ reagents and consumables have been optimized for peak performance when used with the AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometer. An integral part of the system, they deliver a high level of reliability to the user. With AQUIOS reagents, there is no need to mix your own monoclonal antibodies.

  • Sample loader utilizes cassettes to queue samples
  • 40 specimens at once--8 cassettes with 5 tubes 
  • Can load and unload without interrupting system workflow