Biomek NGeniuS Reaction Vessel, 24 Well, 64/Box

Product No:C62705

Next Generation Library Preparation

The Biomek NGeniuS Reaction Vessel (RV) serves as a sample input plate, PCR plate and large volume cleanup plate. By combining three consumables into one, we help you reduce labware inventory. The Biomek NGeniuS Reaction Vessel is purpose-built for the Biomek NGeniuS Next Generation Library Prep System. Optional Biomek NGeniuS RV Lid sold separately.

  • Conical bottom
  • 24 wells
  • Well volume 600 µL 
  • Round well access
  • Quantity: 64/box

kr4,362.00 List Price - kr4,362.00

Product Specifications

Platform Biomek NGeniuS

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