DNA Plasmid Purification

Agencourt CosMCPrep

A SPRI paramagnetic bead-based system for all your plasmid purification needs.

  • Use a single protocol to purify a variety of high- and low-copy number template types
  • Perform manually or automated without sacrificing product quality
  • Purify plasmids in a 96-well format for high-throughput sample processing

CosMCPrep Workflow

Genomics CosMCPrep DNA Plasmid Purification

Product Features

GenFind V2 isolates genomic DNA (gDNA) from whole blood and serum. GenFind V2 is also demonstrated to isolate DNA from other sample types such as cells, bacteria, FTA cards, and fresh or frozen tissue.
Combining the GenFind V2 chemistry with Biomek Workstation offers a high throughput and minimal hand-on solution: 315 minutes of hands-on time for 96 samples; 2.25 hours of runtime for one 96-well plate.
High Quality gDNA
The GenFind V2 DNA isolation method purifies gDNA that is intact and suitable for downstream PCR-based assays.
No Inhibition from Anticoagulants
GenFind V2 efficiently removes common anticoagulants from blood such as citrate, EDTA, and heparin.

Agencourt CosMCPrep

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Product Specifications

Application Uses Plasmid purification
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material Cultured Cells
Automated Available Yes
Item Specifications Referenced A29174

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