3D Cell Culture

Reliability from well to well

Drug discovery and therapeutic researchers are rapidly adopting 3-D cell cultures for drug screening since they can provide a more physiologically relevant environment than two-dimensional cell cultures.  

The Biomek family of automated workstations provides the same amount of pipetting control and reproducibility whether you are working in a 2-D or 3-D cell culture environment. From cell maintenance, to screening and cell-based assays, the end user has the ability to control cell handling for scaffold or scaffold-free structure.

3D Cell Culture Videos

An overview of the steps involved with using an automated liquid handler and a 96-well hanging-drop plate to create 3-D spheroids for imaging and flow cytometry.

Nicky Slawny, Ph.D. of 3D Biomatrix, Inc. and Mike Kowalski, Ph.D. of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences discuss 3D cell culture and screening by imaging and flow cytometry.

3D Cell Culture Resources

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